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I’ve noticed a lot of people have problems getting clear water, so I decided to share my tips on how I do it!

What I have stocked:
3 Angel Fish
~10 Sunset platys
~10 tiger barbs
3 cory catfish
2 plecos
~20 neon tetras
handful of baloon mollys
handful of sail fin mollys
5 dwarf gouramis

Equipment I am running:
1 250 watt Tetra Brand heater
1 150 watt zacros heater (on a solar assisted power back up)
2 100 watt equivelent LED 5500K lights from walmart
1 Tetra Whisper EX70 modified to have Poly-Fil and foam instead of filter cartridges
2 Tetra Whisper air pumps powering a bubble bar at the back