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How to clear up a green swimming pool the right way is easy, but it does take the right knowledge and consistent effort.

The particular nasty green pool had high stabilizer, about 100ppm. I had to do a partial drain and refill, allowed the pool to filter for 10 hours, retested all the chemicals, then started to add the right amount of chemicals at the right time.

It went from green to crystal clear in about 9 days and I used only in chemicals.

Did you know there are HUGE differences between green pools? Not all green pools are the same. This means you will attack the swimming pool algae differently.

You’re situation is different than you neighbor’s green pool or the guy down the street.

A green pool doesn’t equal a green pool. You must know the differences. This will save you hundreds of $$$ and countless hours working on your pool to try to get it back.

It could be simply a lack of chlorine. Or the CYA is too high. Or the CYA might be too low. And still, the pH may be out of whack and you need to get it back in line with a little pool acid. Perhaps it’s an emerald green.

Each situation is different and that means you’ll take care of it from a different angle.

You may need to just shock it with regular pool chlorine, or do a partial drain and refill, or shock it with Dichlor.