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AF-3500 – 5-Stage Alkaline Countertop Filter

We are sharing this fantastic countertop water filter that has been provided by Anchor water filters! If you are in the market for a great water filter that will serve the needs of your family, you should check out this model. Made in America! The filter is made to California standards which are the most stringent in the nation so it will filter lots of bad stuff from your water and it even increases the alkalinity of the water which is good for you!

Here is some basic information about the Anchor 5 point water filter:
We Use Latest Technology to Deliver the Greatest Quality Water
Based in Southern California, our company has been in the business of water filter manufacturing since 1997 to provide only the best when it comes to filtered water. While there are many forms of sediments that can be found in your tap water, the huge amount of contaminants may eventually lead to the development of serious water-borne diseases. This is the main reason why we are constantly improving our systems and other components that we add in the line of filtration products that we’ve been offering for years.
Introducing the New Addition in Our Multi Stage Water Filtration Systems
With the goal of providing only the latest technology, we are now introducing the use of KDF in our latest water filter products. The use of this technology can help in removing over 95%of iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and various water contaminants.
Studies have shown that when KDF is combined with GAC or Granular Activated Carbon, it can extend the expected lifespan of carbon, which is the main filtering agent of water filtration systems. When it used with ion exchange systems and reverse osmosis, KDF can also help in safeguarding expensive membranes, system components and resins.
More Reasons why KDF is a Greater Option in Water Treatment Systems
KDF is starting to be considered as the greater option when it comes to water treatment systems because of more reasons than what are already mentioned above. Such reasons are as follows:
• It has no chemical additives
• It is 100% recyclable
• Expensive disposal requirements are eradicated
• It is safer to be used as it does not create any negative effect in the environment
With these added reasons in mind, you can easily get convinced of the fact that the latest technology that we are offering is most effective in cleaning out the contaminants from your home or establishment’s water system.
Our Guarantee
As we offer another breakthrough in the water treatments that we offer, we always guarantee our clients, you, that our treatments can always meet whatever requirements you have. All products that we offer including KDF technology are fully compliant with the State of California’s stringent Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65) which requires the protection of California citizens and the State’s drinking water sources from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

I hope that you will check out Anchor Water Filters and use the links above to get a great discount and an extra filter! That will give you 1 entire year’s worth of drinking water for your family!

Happy Eating!

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