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My GE refrigerator has a MWF Water Filter. I wanted to know how good is this filter. Measuring TDS is a way to check how well a filter is filtering your water. What I found is that this filter removes about 20% of TDS from the water. Its up to you to decide whether this is worth it for you. Some people just cap the filter connector on the refrigerator and don’t use a filter because the difference is not significant to them.

***UPDATE #1 – 2 days after installing the new filter, I checked the TDS levels and it read 270 PPM, which is more representative of a new filter. You definitely have to dump out more water than what is recommended on the package.

***UPDATE #2 – I noticed that the first cup of water that pours out when I drink water has about 330 PPM. After a cup of water, PPM drops to 270 PPM on the second cup. This happens every time I pour water, even if only 15 mins have passed.

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Purified Water = 18 ppm
Tap Water = 348 ppm
Dirty Filter = 325 ppm
New Filter = 270 ppm

The filter removed about 78 ppm of TDS (about 20% TDS). It’s up to you to decide if that’s good enough for what you pay.



TDS Meter

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