The Off Grid Tiny House. The off grid homestead is all about tiny house life. Its also like an off grid cabin. Not yet in the woods I still need to purchase my own land. The off grid solar homestead will have no power unless provided by the sun.

Join as I convert a 48″ transport trailer into a mortgage free off grid tiny house! With a limited budget see what is truly possible for comfortable living off the grid.

Follow me as I slowly build my homestead with videos posted every few days featuring a wide array of topics like…
Off Grid living, Solar Power & Solar Panels wiring construction and more. I want to add Wind Power maybe a Wind Turbine.

Rain Harvesting on the roof of my Tiny House is a major part of my plans. Rain Catching on the Homestead as well as Water Storage and Water Treatment.

I want to eventually become Self Sufficient. It will be a difficult task but a noble goal. Prepping is also a major feature of my off grid living. Preparing for the worst. My Transport Trailer is amazing so far and I cant believe I have never seen homes built with them before.

Other topics covered on my channel…

Recycling Reusing products for other then one purpose. Tiny House living and is it really a good idea. Tiny Home pros and cons. Gravity Fed Water system and how it will work in my home. DIY building projects of all sorts. Organic food production and indoor growing.

My progress and struggles living in a Small House. Affordable tips and tricks. I am a big fan of Conspiracy. So expect me to talk about these subjects at some point.

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