New Executive Position

When firm wishes to recruit new staff, it will be the job of the human resource team. This team can appoint a team of panelists to carry out the appointment and training. Such a team is known as a retained search firm.

Be graceful and avoid arguments. During the panel meeting, once a point is put across that you feel that you do not agree with, compose yourself and give valid reasons why it is not the way they have put it. Also, do not agree with everything that they tell you as this will seem as if you did not take the time to prepare. It can also make you seem like a people plead, which is a very bad attribute.

Respect the entire search process as it goes on. Do not under any circumstances try to alter the opinion of the panel, by doing things such as befriending panel members. If for any reason there are some details that you feel you had not passed through, do not be tempted to present these. Doing this will only make you seem conniving and as if you skipped giving these details intentionally.

Exercise as much patience as you can during the entire process. As much as it may bite you to call the panel and ask them how the interview turned out, do not. It will only make you seem very desperate. A corporate firm will not want to work with someone who is desperate.

When negotiating, put across your points firmly. Do not come across as desperate in your negotiation. The corporate clients hate an interviewee who is desperate as this is the kind who will carry out false dealings once they get the job to satisfy their needs.

During the interview, carry yourself in a very professional manner. Walk into the room with a lot of confidence. Introduce yourself to the panelists appropriately, and if possible shake their hand. Sit down and have a very calm demeanor and good posture.

Learn about the search firm and all the operations that they handle. They might have a specific way of dealing with their clients, so you have to know this so that you can impress them. To get knowledge about them, look on their website as well as talking with people who have been interviewed by them. Never try and talk with one of their officers, as this will make you look needy and unprofessional.

One must understand that when you contact executive search firms you not doing them a favor of any sort. One of the first questions that you should ask is whether they are a ‘Retained Search Firm‘ or ‘Contingency Search Firm‘. Apart from the fact that both of them charge fees to the employing organization, there is a marked difference between them. Recruiting firms are paid regardless to the result of the search. Retained firms are generally used to fill high-rank positions at $100,000+ salaries. Contingency search firms only receive payment when their candidate is employed. How does it matter to me? Contingency firms are open to meeting more candidates, while retained head-hunters tend not. The Top Head-hunters List will help you search and find local executive recruiters in your area.

Remember to ask the client name first; often the recruiters may dodge that question claiming it to be a matter of confidentiality with the client. You can continue by stating that you might have some references to the company that would save them time and efforts. If they still do not answer, ask them what have they to offer. The resume should never be submitted blindly. Sometimes the recruiters can be careless and may submit your resume without your permission, remember it will always be your loss. All you can do after that is avoid doing business with them in the future.

You are an ‘unsolicited resume’ in the minds of the executive search consultants when you approach them. Keeping in touch with the relevant consultant is the best practice. But you should be selective and sympathetic to their time commitments to their current assignments. Like any networking activity, this also is a continuous and a progressive tool for career development. At the top recruiter list, be sure to not only look at general head-hunters but also the ones within the industry that you

Give feedback whenever you get the job that you had been applying form. A retained search firm is a permanent part of the organization. Once you have gotten the official confirmation that you have secured yourself the job, send an email to the search firm to show your appreciation. This will go a long way in developing a good corporate image. They will see you as someone who is quite well mannered.