It is important that any water treatment system is properly maintained to ensure consistent water quality. Fortunately, proper maintenance is relatively simple.
So I will quickly describe the maintenance needed than in the next video I will show you how to perform each step.

Lets first discuss UV lamps, they are good for 365 days of run time so they need to be changed annually on systems that operate year round. When you replace the lamp make sure to clean and inspect the quartz sleeve and blue housing.

Next, the filters are replaced as needed and generally last between 4 to 6 months per filter. I usually recommend at least 2 filter changes per year to keep the filters from accumulating bacterial growth. We will discuss what types of filters to use in another video in this series. When it comes to changing the filters make sure you inspect the o-ring and filter housing and all other equipment. When installing new filters also remember to lubricate the o-ring with a non-petroleum based lube, preferably silicon based.

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